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Charity Partner

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reflecting on the 2024 summit

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Associate Professor Cleola Anderiesz
Chief Executive Officer
National Breast Cancer Foundation

Thank you to everyone who attended the Women in STEMM Leadership Summit for supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and our vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer through your ticket purchase.

I am personally grateful to the Women Leaders Institute for generously donating 10% of every ticket sale towards funding world-class breast cancer research, and for everyone who purchased a raffle ticket. The money raised through ticket sales and the raffle will be used to help fund research focused on how to prevent, detect, treat and stop the progression, and recurrence of breast cancer.  

I walked away from the Summit completely inspired by the presentations I saw, and discussions I participated in. I hope you all took away something from the event that will help you in your careers as STEMM leaders and as mentors to the next generation of women working in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine.

Supporting women in STEMM is vital and NBCF is proud that over 50% of NBCF-funded researchers are women. The funding we provide has meant many female scientists have been able to forge a career in science and make remarkable progress in breast cancer research.

I hope to see many of you at next year’s event. Until then, I encourage you to all think about how you can bring the Summit’s theme: ‘Empowering Change to Break the Bias’ into your professional and personal lives. 



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Build your network

Surround yourself with a community of like-minded, empowering, and supportive women in STEMM. 

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Bring along an ally

Invite a male or non-binary ally from your organisation on Day Two, fostering authentic discussions on supporting underrepresented employees and accelerating change.

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Find confidence and the GRIT to fight systemic bias

Discover actionable strategies on building resilience and making an impact in traditionally male-dominated industries. 

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Nurture your core professional and personal skills

Take your career to the next level and engage in transformative discussions in our scenario-based breakout sessions. 

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Chart your career trajectory

Create a clear pathway to success and fine-tune your leadership skills to drive lasting impact in our established and emerging leaders workshops. 

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Rewrite the narrative

Realise your power to shift the narrative and encourage underrepresented and culturally diverse groups to pursue STEMM careers. 

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Build a legacy for the next generation

Unlock the power of mentorship to improve the chronic under-representation of women in STEMM

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Embrace your intersectionality

Hear from a diverse range of speakers from over 20 leading organisations across STEMM industries.


Regardless of gender or role – whether you are a board director, CEO, senior or middle manager, entrepreneur or young emerging leader, the Women in STEMM Leadership Summit is a valuable platform of information, insights, and networking opportunities for you.​

Attendees come from a wide range of STEMM industries including, but not limited to:

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Rae Johnston

Award Winning STEM Journalist

Hichame Assi

Chief Executive Officer


Lisa Harvey-Smith

Women in STEM Ambassador

Australian Government

Jackie Fairley

Ex-CEO; Non-Executive Director

Starpharma; Mirrabooka Investments

Elizabeth Gaines

Executive Director and Global Ambassador


Ally Watson

Founder & CEO | Non-Executive Director

Code Like a Girl | Telstra Foundation

‘This Summit was an opportunity for me to meet many professional women in the fields that I have dedicated my life to for over 3 decades. It was rewarding for me to listen to their experiences, understanding of the subject matters, as well as how lessons from their experiences were actioned to ensure there was a better workplace, the community in which we live and ensuring we make a better life for our family and future generations.’

Chief Executive Officer, Engineering Aid Australia

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