Breaking Barriers, Building Legacies

Welcome to the Women in STEMM Leadership Summit! 

With women’s participation in STEMM fields improving, albeit slowly, we are seeing the ‘leaky pipeline’ metaphor come to life that continues to weed women out of the system.  
Join us at the Women in STEMM Leadership Summit in Melbourne on the 21-22 March 2023 as emerging and established STEMM leaders come together to showcase the different backgrounds, narratives and lived experiences that tackle some of the most pressing challenges including: 
  • Rebranding STEMM careers: How to create and promote spaces that fuel intellectual curiosity and innovation to utilise the untapped potential that women bring to STEMM fields
  • Hustle culture: How to set boundaries for better balance and alignment between your professional and personal goals 
  • Spotlighting women: How to turbo-charge careers by providing and promoting opportunities for growth to advance women’s progress into senior leadership roles
  • You can’t be what you can’t see: How to become a more visible and confident leader to empower and mentor future female talent in the pipeline 
10% of event proceeds will be donated to our official event charity partner, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, to raise funds for life-changing breast cancer research in the areas of prevention and risk, detection, and new and improved treatments.
We look forward to meeting you in March!  
P.S. In line with our vision of strengthening and diversifying talent pipelines, we are offering bursary opportunities to encourage more women to actively participate in the STEMM industries. Click here for more information.


Lisa Harvey Smith

Australian Government Women in STEM Ambassador and Professor

UNSW (Virtual)

Associate Professor Cleola Anderiesz

Chief Executive Officer

National Breast Cancer Foundation

William Cox

Chief Executive Officer


Dr Ruwangi Fernando

Founder and Director | Co-Founder

STEM Sisters / iSTEM Co.

Jane MacMaster

Chief Engineer

Engineers Australia

Kerryn Coker

Co-Chair, Australasia Region


Dr Kathie McGregor

Research Director, Advanced Material and Processing, Manufacturing


Dr Judy Tang

Director & Clinical Neuropsychologist, Invictus Health AU

Commissioner, Victorian Multicultural Commission

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Charity Partner

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  • Patch the leaky pipeline in STEMM: Discover how gender norms impact behaviour, the role they play in your life and how to address them to drive Australia towards becoming an inclusive societ
  • Work-life interference to work-life integration: Discover how organisations can accommodate to employees’ personal and professional obligations and remove the major personal sacrifices of the past 
  • Let go of the working woman guilt: It’s time to better understand your priorities and goals during our interactive Mini Masterclass session. Remember: Trade-offs are inevitable, so how can we become more comfortable with them
  • Promote clear career pathways to success: Hear how CEOs are breaking down barriers for women in the workplace and scaling up interventions to support female representation in senior leadership roles
  • STEMM without borders: Unpack how to best support highly skilled immigrant, migrant and refugee women in STEMM and lead through an anti-fragile culture of allyship 
  • Throw down the rope: Now that you’re more established and comfortable in your career, it’s time to pay it back. Discover the key skills to becoming an amazing mentor during our Mini Masterclass on Day Two. 
  • Recognise leadership at all levels: Hear from our Emerging Leaders Panel on what they need to pursue and remain engaged in these traditionally male-dominated industries. 
  • Build on the success of others: Chart your leadership trajectory by applying the strategies, techniques and lessons learnt from other high-performing leaders during our interactive sessions




Regardless of gender, background or role – whether you are a CEO or an emerging leader, the Women in STEMM Leadership Summit is a valuable platform of knowledge sharing, valuable insights, and networking opportunities for you.  

Create informal mentoring relationships and build your community of like-minded, visionary and forward-thinking leaders for 2023 and beyond  



The event will be held in premium 4/5-star venue in the Melbourne CBD.
Delegates will be informed 4 weeks before the event.